CD-7220 & CD-3220

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Customer Displays

The CD-7220 and CD-3220 are top-quality customer displays in telescope style. The vacuum fluorescence displays ensures pin-sharp character definition. The displays retains their optimum legibility even in brightly lit environments. The displays can also optionally draw power from a printer, making it independent of a separate power supply unit. The CD-7220 and CD-3220 are adjustable in height and can be matched to the requirements of any working environment.

Product Sheet

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Additional Information

Technical Data

Display Method Vacuum fluorescent, Display Color Blue green, Brightness 700 cd/m2, Interface RS-232 Serial (D-Sub 9 pin) with pass through function, USB with 5V power (do not require power supply), Power Supply 12V, Power Consumption 5 Watt / 8 Watt, MTBF 25.000 hours, Viewable Angle +/- 15 ° C, Rotation Angle Max 270 ° C, Character Font 5 x 7 dot matrix, comma and decimal point, Character Size 9.0 mm x 5.25 mm, Character Type 96 alphanumerical, 13 sets and one variable, Number of Characters 40 (20 columns x 2 rows) 40 (20 columns x 2 rows) x 2 sides, Options Dual Side Display

Special Features

Vacuum fluorescence display, 270° rotation option, Interface RS232 or USB, Adjustable height, Two-line display with 20 characters per line.