Thermal Printer RP-320

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Fast and quiet printing

The printer RP-320 is a thermal printer solution for retail and hospitality environments that require fast and quiet printing. Furthermore it supports a full range of fonts for different countries. The compact size and integrated wall mounting make the reliable model ideal for many applications. A wide range of interfaces and port options allow easy installation and simple integration to either POS environments or POS solutions. The RP-320 is equipped with a signal tone that can be remotely controlled and making it ideal for kitchen uses.

Product Sheet

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Additional Information

Technical Data

Printing Method Direct thermal, Printing Speed 200mm/sec in text printing; 160mm/sec in graphic printing, Dot Density 180 dpi, Dot Pitch 0.141 mm, Effective Printing Width: 72 mm, 512 dots/line, Character per Line Font A (12 x 24) 42 columns Font B (9 x 17) 56 columns, Paper Type: thermal paper Width: 50 mm ~ 82.5 mm Thickness: 0.06~0.09 mm Roll diameter: max. 83.0 mm Roll core inner diameter: 12.5 mm +- 0.5 mm, I/O Interface USB(Default), Serial (RS-232C), Parallel (IEEE-1284), Ethernet, WiFi(802.11b) The printer has dual interface, one for USB (default) and another for Serial or Parallel or Ethernet, Power Supply AC 100V~240V, 50~60 HZ, Dimension 152 mm (W) x 198 mm (D) x 151 mm (H), Weight 1.7kg, Environment Operating Storage Temperature 5~40 °C -20~60 °C Humidity 35% ~ 80% 10% ~ 90%, Auto Cutter Type: Guillotine Paper thickness: 0.06~0.09 mm Cutting method: full/partial cut Life: 1,500,000 cuts, Color light grey and black, Options Spill-proof cover, black mark sensor, paper low sensor

Special Features

Resolution 180 dpi, integrated wall mounting, Signal tone remote (beeper control), Auto cutter (full/partial), Power supply included