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  • Information Terminal SK-40 / SK-50


    All information at a glance

    The high-quality and multifunctional Information Terminals SK-40 and SK-50 combining all functions of a compact kiosk systems and classic price-checker. The Information Terminals come with touch screen (SK-50) and multi-media features, helping the customer to find/receive information and product pricing easily. Moreover, an adjustable reading window for either 1D Omni Directional or 2D Imager scanner allows versatile mounting options. Both, the SK-40 and SK-50 have multi-media expansion to support images, sound and videos. SK-50 and SK-40 Info-Terminals are equipped with superior RISC processor with 400MHz and operate either with Linux 2.6 or WinCE 6.0 operating system. Both devices support multiple communication interfaces like Ethernet or Wi-Fi for all types of system integration. By using the web browser, system administration can be done remotely to configure the systems, upload data files or check system status. These processes allow the maintenance and synchronization function of multiple units. Protecting the environment, both SK-40 and SK-50 are designed for a low power consumption. Intelligent, powerful and expandable features make them perfect suitable for department stores, record stores, video rental stores, duty-free shops and many other business areas. This includes non-retail areas such as public libraries and many other business areas as well.


    Information Terminal SK-40 / SK-50

  • Price Checker SG-15+


    Small and Powerful

    The Shuttle SG-15 + is an entry level, small and attractive price checker with latest technology. Interfacing is either through Wireless RF or wired Ethernet. The bright display has, depending on the font set, 3 or 5 lines and can display up to 20 characters per line. Size and design (three colours) help to install the Shuttle in different environments. This flexibility of installation is enhanced by the optional Power–over–Ethernet function.


    Price Checker SG-15+